New publication on Rattlesnakes in the highlands of Mexico

Rob Bryson, his colleagues, and I have just published a new paper on the effects of Pleistocene climate cycles on the diversification of a group of rattlesnakes from the mountains of Mexico!  Interestingly, our data suggest that there may have been a  corridor of highland habitat connecting the southern Sierra Madre Occidental and northern Sierra Madre Oriental during Pleistocene glacials that allowed gene flow between rattlesnakes of the two disjunct regions.

Big thanks to Rob for inviting me to participate in this project!

Bryson, R.B, R.W. Murphy, M.R. Graham, A. Lathrop & D. Lazcano-Villarea. 2011. Historical diversification of the Crotalus intermedius group and Pleistocene pine-oak woodland connections between Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental. Journal of Biogeography. PDF

Photo by Dr. Robert Bryson Jr.

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