Elevation of an Enigmatic Scorpion

Euscorpius croaticusColleagues and I just elevated Euscorpius germanus croaticus, a rare and taxonomically confusing scorpion from Croatia, to E. croaticus in the following publication.

Graham, M.R., M.M. Webber, G. Blagoev, N. Ivanova & V. Fet. 2012. Molecular and morphological evidence support the elevation of Euscorpius germanus croaticus Di Caporiacco, 1950 (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae) to E. croaticus stat. nov., a rare species from Croatia. Revista Ibérica de Aracnologia, 21:41–50.

ABSTRACT: The taxonomic identity of Euscorpius germanus croaticus Di Caporiacco, 1950, described from Croatia and Bosnia, has remained unclear ever since its discovery. We studied the lectotype from the Velebit Mountains as well as new material from Biserujka Cave on Krk Island, Croatia. We reassessed E. g. croaticus using both morphology and DNA barcodes (cox1 sequences) from one of the Biserujka Cave specimens and 15 congeneric species. The resulting DNA phylogeny suggests that E. g. croaticus is not a subspecies of E. germanus. The taxon appears to be a separate lineage, which groups close to subgenus Alpiscorpius but differs from all its members in several morphological characters. We elevate E. g. croaticus to species rank as Euscorpius croaticus Di Caporiacco, 1950, stat. nov., and provide a detailed redescription of both sexes.

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