Dr. Carlos Eduardo Santibáñez López

This is WAY overdue, but the arachnology lab is happy to announce our newest team member, Dr. Carlos Santibáñez-López!  Like the rest of us, Carlos has a passion for biodiversity, especially arachnids, but he also has years of experience as one of the foremost experts on Mexican scorpions. He’s studied scorpion systematics, evolution of venoms and morphologies, and developmental biology.

Here at Eastern, Dr.  Santibáñez-López will be branching out a little, using genomics techniques like RADseq to study the North American camel spider family Eremobatidae as an NSF-funded postdoctoral scholar. Dr. Santibáñez-López will be mentoring undergraduate students, assisting with budgets, travelling to conferences, conducting field work, and pretty much running things in the lab. He comes to us after completing a postdoc at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he gained some valuable new skills under the guidance of Dr. Preshant Sharma. His PhD was obtained at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México where he was advised by Dr. Oscar Francke.

Dr.  Santibáñez-López joins us in Connecticut with his wife Saida and young son Iker. Welcome to Eastern everyone!


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