Invited Talks


I topped off the Spring 2019 semester by discussing our desert research during two invited seminar talks; one for a seminar series by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut, and another for our spring Faculty Scholars Forum here at Eastern. Both were a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed chatting with UConn faculty, postdocs, students, and my outstanding host Elizabeth Jockusch, all located right down the road from us at UConn. We really need to get some UConn/Eastern collaborative projects going!

Thank you to Brent Hendrixson for many of the beautiful desert and arachnid photographs used throughout the talks, and to Joshua Idjadi and Douglas Merkler for stunning, desert drone footage. And of course we are tremendously lucky that so many other people support our researchers as well. Family, friends, collaborators, and colleagues, we thank you!

Now time to finish up the semester and dive head first into camel spider research. Baja California here we come! What a great way to start a sabbatical, right?

Jockush Lab:


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