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Callobius bennetti

Hacklemesh weaver (Callobius bennetti) from my woodpile in Franklin, CT.


A fishing spider (Pisauridae) from my basement in Franklin, CT.


Vaejovis carolinianus from eastern Tennessee.


Centruroides limbatus – Selva Verde, Costa Rica


Tityus ocelote – Selva Verde, Costa Rica

Smeringurus vachoni

Anuroctonus phaiodactylus

Anuroctonus pococki

Geolycosa sp.

Hottentotta trilineatus

Pseudouroctonus williamsi

Scolopendra polymorpha

Centruroides hentzi

Hadrurus obscurus

Superstitionia donensis

Aphonopelma mojave

Caraboctonus sp.

Hoffmannius confusus

Aphonopelma iodius (left) and A. mojave (right). Scale bar ~ 1 cm

Hadrurus arizonensis

Bipalium_adventitium -_Franklin, CT

Bipalium adventitium – Franklin, CT

Chinese Mantis

Tenodera sinensis – Franklin, CT

Eremobates sp. – Mojave Desert


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