October 2018


We received more press for our camel spider research, this time on the front page of The Chronicle. Many thanks to Claire Galvin and Roxanne Pandolfi for showcasing our research.


September 2018

Pinto_PickEastern News Writer Michael Rouleau wrote a nice press release describing our NSF grant. The story describes the project and included a photograph of Eastern student Michelina Pinto while she set camel spider traps in the Mojave Desert during the summer of 2018. Our new trapping method is described in a manuscript submitted for publication in the Journal of Arachnology. Ms. Pinto, underlined in the citation below, is a co-author.

Article in review: Graham, M.R., M.B. Pinto, & P.E. Cushing.  A quick test of the light attraction hypothesis in camel spiders of the Mojave Desert (Arachnida: Solifugae). Journal of Arachnology.


September 2018


A news announcement about the NSF grant and the lab’s success at Eastern was written by Dean Javier Rodriquez and published on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) website.


April 2017


We made the front page of two papers in one week! The articles discussed research conducted as part of a scorpion microbiome project with Dr. Barbara Murdoch, funded by the NASA CT Space Consortium.


May 2012

Drs. Michael Webber and Matthew Graham were interviewed and photographed by the Las Vegas Review Journal for an article on our new scorpion species from Death Valley National Park.

Online version –

The next day Shane Bevell of the UNLV News Center contributed his own version of the story.

Which made the UNLV homepage!

March & April 2012

Our new species from Death valley made the international spotlight and was covered by various media outlet around the world.

MSNBC, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Our Amazing Planet, Eureka Alert, and many others.

LA Times

June 2011

A photograph of Aiden Valverde and Dr. Graham at a BioBlitz in San Diego was published in the Pahrump Valley Times to advertise for an outreach event at Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. The event “Let’s Explore After Dark” was organized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. Drs. Michael Webber and Matthew Graham were guest scientists that led a group of about 80 children and adults on a group scorpion hunt.

Summer 2009

Dr. Graham was interviewed and featured collecting scorpions on camera for “America’s Wild Spaces: Death Valley”, a program about Death Valley National Park produced by National Geographic.



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